Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge


Is access easy for wheelchairs?

Where can disabled visitors park?

Can I see the Godfrey Washington memorial?

Is access easy for wheelchairs?

Yes: the church is all on one level and so disabled access from the street and around the church is excellent. We also have a fully accessible toilet in the Parish Centre.

Where can disabled visitors park?

If you have a blue "disabled parking" badge you can park on the double yellow lines in Trumpington Street, directly outside the church, at any time for up to three hours — which should be long enough to cover most events, even at LSM! Please remember to set the time on your parking disc and ensure that the disc and permit are clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Also, please take care when parking and when leaving and returning to your vehicle, as there is an unusually wide gutter (the historic legacy of one Thomas Hobson) along this section of the street. For other parking arrangements see our How to Find us page.

Can I see the Godfrey Washington Memorial?

Washington memorial


Yes: the memorial to George Washington's great uncle (a former Vicar of Little Saint Mary's) is available to view whenever the church is open (which is every day). It's on the left above the bookstall as you enter the church. Postcards of the memorial and other views of the church are also on sale. Read more about Godfrey on the Peterhouse website. Make sure you see the rest of his church too, however!

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