Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge

Getting involved

There are all sorts of ways of getting involved:

Discipleship - each Advent and Lent there are groups to help deepen our faith.  There are monthly Groups as well.  There are Confirmation and Refresher courses offered every year for those new or returning to the Faith.  Please contact the Vicar for more information or see the Study page of this website.

Prayer Groups - there are monthly prayer groups that meet to pray for the sick and to engage in Lectio Divina (meditative reading of the Bible) and Ignatian contemplation (imaginative prayer using Gospel stories). 

Altar Serving - we welcome new people to serve at the altar.  It  is a wonderful privilege to be so close to the celebration of the Christian mysteries and to help others in their worship.  To find out more, ask Bill de Quick (01223 313658), our Sacristan and Head Server.

The Choir - the choir always welcomes new singers.  Look at the Music section of this website for more information.

Social Justice - the parish's Social Responsibility Group meets regularly to pray and to organise support for the various charities and projects that the parish assists, including lunches for sufferers from dementia and their carers, and the provision of supper, company and a bed for the night for the homeless in winter. The projects we support, both financially and with personal involvement, include:

To find out more, about this year's project, which runs in December and January,
you are invited to supper at 7pm on any of three evenings in November:
Wednesday 8th @ St Paul’s Church, Hills Road
Thursday 9th @ Great St Mary’s Church
Tuesday 14th @ LSM
RSVP to … or talk to Franco, Lucy, Alexander or the Vicar.

Please contact Mary Ward for more information on any of these activities.

Overseas mission - the LSM Global page offers information about how you can support our overseas mission links.

The parish also has groups who help with social events, the maintenance of the building, fundraising, IT and more.  The churchwardens will be delighted to hear from you if you want to become more involved.