Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge

Worship at LSM

"Seven whole days, not one in seven, I will praise Thee" - George Herbert


Human beings are made for worship and true happiness comes through worshipping God. God became a human being in Jesus Christ and it is in and through Jesus that we worship Him.

Precisely because God took human flesh (the Incarnation) we come to Him through the physical - through matter, the stuff of our lives.    Consequently we can encounter God in our relationships, in the natural world and supremely in the Sacraments: physical things that God promises us will give us His grace, such at Baptism and Holy Communion.

Worship is the centre of the life of Little S. Mary's.  In joyful obedience to God's coming among us in the body we use all the human senses in worship - sight, sound, smell and touch. Music, beauty, incense and movement all draw us into the mystery of the Holy Trinity, God's own life.

Morning Prayer (Matins) is said daily from Monday to Friday at 8:20am and on Sundays at 7:30am;  it is prayed privately on Saturdays.  

Evening Prayer is offered every day at 6pm (on Sundays in the context of Solemn Evensong, followed by a sermon and Benediction).

If you are unable to join us in church for Morning and Evening Prayer, we invite you to take a list of the psalms and readings for the week and join in by praying the office at home or wherever you may be.

The Mass is also offered daily, with a sung evening celebration including a short homily (and often followed by refreshments) on Holy Days.

In Advent and Lent we also offer Compline and regular Holy Hours of prayer before the Eucharist, together with Lectio Divina and Ignatian contemplative prayer.