Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge


You can offer Morning and Evening Prayer daily using the readings given below:


Foodbank donations - teabags urgently needed!

The Foodbank is critically short of donations, particularly the components of packs for individuals or families to cover three days of nutritionally balanced emergency food: baked beans, tinned meat, fish, vegetables or pasta etc. They also particularly need small jars of instant coffee, everlasting fruit juice and UHT (long-life) milk, also breakfast cereals. All packages must be unopened, intact and well within their sell-by/use-by/best-before dates. They may be brought to church or taken directly to Foodbank collection points such as those at many supermarkets.

Services — join us either in church or online

The church is open daily for both for public worship and private prayer. On Sundays there are two public Masses. a short Low Mass at 8am and the High Mass at 10.30am, the latter usually streamed live through our YouTube or Facebook channels (links at the lower right of this page)  and also available to watch later. You do not need any account or password to follow these webcasts. Evensong & Benediction at 6pm on Sundays and Sung Masses on Saints' Days and Festivals (usually at 7pm, but 10am on Saturdays) are also usually streamed.

The church is open for private prayer throughout every day.

Daily Masses are at the following times:

  • Monday & Friday 12.30pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 7.45am
  • Wednesday 10am and 7pm
  • Saturday 10am

Morning Prayer is said from Monday to Friday at 8.20am.
Evening Prayer is offered daily at 6pm.

Holy Communion is offered in both kinds, but there is no compulsion to receive both species and each is sacramentally complete in itself. If you wish to receive the consecrated Bread only, simply return to your place after receiving.  If you wish to receive the Chalice remain at the altar rail.