Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge

Study & Discipleship

We have many ways to learn more about Christianity and deepen our faith, in addition to regular preaching. See our list of coming events for details of all these:

  • Bible Study: close reading of a chapter of the Gospels or a New Testament Letter in the company of a faithful and scholarly commentary. Sessions take place on the second Saturday morning of each month, following the 10am Low Mass with coffee.
  • Lectio Divina: slow and prayerful meditation on a short passage of scripture, asking the Lord to speak to us through the reading by drawing our attention to a particular word or phrase and sharing with one another what occurs to us
  • Advent and Lent : in preparation for Christmas and Easter we run study groups on aspects of the Faith. Recent years have seen teaching on the history of the Bible, the structure and meaning of the Eucharist, explorations of methods of prayer, the various social justice groups the parish supports and a multisensory engagement with the narrative of the Passion.
  • Baptism, Confirmation and Faith Renewal Groups: new Christians and those returning to the Faith after a time away are encouraged to join the annual Confirmation and Renewal course, ending when we welcome the Bishop to preside at a Service of Confirmation in Eastertide. This is available to adults and children.

Recommended reading

There are three excellent books by Bishop Rowan Williams introducing the Christian Faith:

Other good authors to read include Popes Francis and Benedict XVI, Bishop Tom Wright (especially on scripture), Austin Farrer, Eric Mascall OGS, Herbert McCabe OP and Bishop Michael Ramsey.

To find out more about the early church and the faith of the first centuries of Christianity The Spirit of Early Christian Thought by Robert Louis Wilken is highly recommended.

Bishop Michael Ramsey wrote The Gospel and the Catholic Church in 1935 and it remains a wonderful explanation of the meaning and purpose of the Church, especially in terms of the Church of England, the Eucharist and the ordained ministry.