Little Saint Mary’s Church, Cambridge

Supporting LSM

Donating to Little St Mary's

At LSM we rely entirely on the generosity of past and present worshippers to maintain ourselves. We receive no government money or help from outside, yet our mission is to be a place of Christian worship, welcome and social action for all. You can set up regular giving or make single donations to LSM here.

QE code to donate

If you would like to make an online donation to LSM, please scan this QR code or go to our Parish Giving page. 100% of your donation will go to LSM, with no fees paid by either you or us.

If you are unable to use Parish Giving, please go to our page at the Charities Aid Foundation; note, however, that they do charge fees for donations.

LSM is also registered with Easy Fundraising, which makes it easy for you to support LSM while shopping or browsing on the internet.



Regular giving by Direct Debit

The Parish Giving Scheme is a secure and simple way of giving to LSM on a regular monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It works by making a Direct Debit from your bank account on the first day of each month, which will be credited to our parish account by the 10th. If eligible, you can opt to add Gift Aid and PGS will claim this on our behalf, passing it back to LSM, to benefit our cash flow.

Optional annual increases

If you opt to increase your gift annually, PGS will write to advise you of the new amount. If this is acceptable you don't need to do anything, but you can choose to add more or decrease the amount if you wish. If the majority of our planned givers were to do this, it would have a huge positive effect on our finances. Like many churches, we face the problem of "static giving" – often through mere inertia rather than intention.

One-off giving

It is also possible to make a one-off gift on lline, adding Gift Aid if you are eligible. Instead of setting up a new Direct Debit, you use a debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Scan the QR code or follow the Parish Giving link above to get started.

Three ways to set up a regular gift with PGS

  • Online (the simplest way): scan the QR code or follow the Parish Giving link above
  • By phone: 0333 002 1271 Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm
  • By post: pick up a form at the back of church

You will need your bank details to set up a Direct Debit. For phone or postal applications, LSM's parish code is 1406 14039. Thank you for considering this option on your support of LSM.

Supporting specific causes

If you are interested in donating to one of the specific causes below, please contact the Treasurer in the first instance.